Head2.me let's you share your location with your friends, you both see each other on the map.

It works better on a mobile phone, but it may work on your desktop computer too.

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Finding you...

Just a sec while we find you...

If this doesn't work then try turning on GPS

Found you...

Head2.me shows your location with the red marker. Let's see how to get your friend on the map...

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Get them on the map...

You can send this unique URL to your friend (text message or email work great). Let's have a look at what would happen once they follow it...

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Locations shared!

Your friend followed the link, they are the blue marker.

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Realtime updates!

While you both keep the app open you'll both see each other's location in realtime.

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Add to your home screen

Why not add Head2.me to your home screen now? Touch the bookmark icon and select "Add to home screen"

Why not bookmark?

Why not add Head2.me to your bookmarks so you can find it again when you need it. If you're on a smart phone why not add it to your home screen?

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Find your friends with Head2.me

Made by Tom.

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